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Working in Windows, minimally:   October 20, 2015 . . I used to have a virtual Windows machine set up on my Mac laptop and I would use that for compiling programs up for Windows, and testing things on the Windows side. That laptop was... (read more...)

Convert genepop to two column format:   February 4, 2015 . . People here at the SWFSC have started using stacks to process ddRad data. They can output data from stacks in genepop format, and sometimes the want to convert that into the format that is useful... (read more...)

Solving ODEs in R:   January 22, 2015 . . Marc Mangel is offering a course in Quantitative Fisheries at NMFS’ Southwest Fisheries Science Center (where I work). Having spent the fall delivering a course about using R to my NMFS colleagues, I thought it... (read more...)

Plotting SST with ggplot:   December 24, 2014 . . Roy M and I were curious about how one might go about efficiently and quickly plotting big rasters like sea surface temperature data using ggplot with nice coastlines in there, etc. I had considered using... (read more...)

Accessing MS SQLserver with R from my Mac:   December 19, 2014 . . A few years back I had used unixODBC and freeTDS to be able to connect from my Mac to the Microsoft SQLserver that is here in the lab. Since then I have switched computers and... (read more...)

Comparing Map Resolutions:   December 17, 2014 . . I am curious about how the resolutions of shorelines differ between different map sources. Roy M just pointed me to the GSHHS shoreline maps (they also have boundaries and rivers). I am curious how that... (read more...)