Reproducible Research Course by Eric C. Anderson for (NOAA/SWFSC)

How to Contribute

The content of this website is Eric C. Anderson’s first attempt at teaching a course in which almost all of the content is written using Rmarkdown. Currently all the sources in the rep-res-course repository are built on my local machine using Jekyll (because GitHub does not support custom Jekyll plugins) and then I copy the results (in the _site directory) to the gh-pages branch of my rep-res-web repository on GitHub where it gets served up at

If you have recommended edits, the best way to get them to me is to:

  1. Have a GitHub account.
  2. Click on the “Edit this page” button.

Doing so will give you a fork of the rep-res-course repository, and you can edit the raw Rmarkdown source that produced the page and send me a pull request. Understand that any contributions you make that are pulled into the project will enter the public domain.

You can also provide comments on most pages through the Disqus comments system.

I welcome any recommendations from simple typo-fixes to suggestions on how my R code can be improved and suggestions on how this material could be taught more effectively. I would particularly appreciate it if you were to send me any fun “homework exercises” that would be beneficial for students learning this material.

If you have any questions, feel free to raise them in the pull request, send me an email or post a comment in the discussion at the bottom of the page you want to comment on.