Reproducible Research Course by Eric C. Anderson for (NOAA/SWFSC)

Eric’s Rep Res Course Blog

These are few blog posts that I scratched out while I was prepping and teaching this course.

Managing 100s of pull requests for homeworks

October 17, 2014 . . Managing 100s of pull requests for homeworks (2014-10-17) OK, I have been working on a little R-package called rrhw that will facilitate writing homework sets within .Rmd files that the students will insert their answers into, inside a submit_answer function that will capture their expression and evaluate it. With this framework I will be able to record everyone’s answers into a data frame and use the same submit_answer() functions to print out the results in... (read more...)

Configurable options for website

October 5, 2014 . . Configurable options for website, etc 2014-10-05 Yaml package I’m still banging away at getting the website put together. I had a nice time writing a little R code to generate the dates for different sessions on the syllabus. Needing to define StartSun for the date of the Sunday before the first session made me think that it would be nice to take all the mutable elements (Dates, Authors, Places, etc.) and just define R variables... (read more...)

Getting ready for course

October 1, 2014 . . Getting ready for the course 2014-10-01 Website setup I spent the better part of last night wrangling with CSS/bootstrap related things. I don’t really do any web-stuff or CSS-schmid, so there was a lot of learning (and a painful amount of ignorance) going on last night. I had a good time putting most of the components into little html snippets in the _includes directory and then using the Liquid include type tags. That makes things... (read more...)

Brewing up a course website

September 28, 2014 . . This is just a test at the moment. 2014-09-28 Yeeha! Let’s see what happens here. x <- 1:10 and add some more y <- x^2 and finally: plot(x,y) here is another section blah blah A subsection yep yap Another subsection and this What about this did that get turned into contents? (read more...)

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