Reproducible Research Course by Eric C. Anderson for (NOAA/SWFSC)

Assignment 3

Please complete this the night before Thursday’s class during Week 2

I have set up a small template repository for you to start writing a description about yourself, your research, and a project to which you would like to apply the methods you are learning in this course.

For this assignment, you will:

  1. Clone that repository
  2. Checkout a new branch
  3. Modify and edit the R markdown file to reflect who you are and what you do.
  4. Knit that to HTML.
  5. Email the resulting HTML file to Eric.

Explicit directions are:

  1. Open RStudio
  2. Choose File->New Project
  3. When asked, choose “Create Project from Version Control”
  4. Then when asked choose “Git”
  5. For repository URL use this:
  6. Let the project directory be named rr-about-me
  7. Put it somewhere. You might consider having a dedicated directory for all your work in this course.
  8. Hit “Create Project”.
  9. Now, this is important immediately go to the “Tools” menu item in RStudio and within it choose “Shell…”. This will pop up a command prompt window (Terminal window on a mac. GitBash Window or a Command Prompt Window on PC).
  10. In that command window type this:

    git checkout -b student-edits
    and be sure to hit RETURN after that! This puts your work into a different “branch” of the repository. We will talk about branching in a couple weeks. For now, just give it a whirl.
  11. Then go ahead and open up the file about-me.Rmd. Have a look at how it is structured. Read through it (especially the comments in the R code block) and then edit it to add your own content. Feel free to add bibtex stuff to the .bib file and cite other articles, etc. Try to use as many features of R markdown as you can.
  12. Once you are done. Knit it to HTML and send it to eric at with the subject heading exactly: rr-assignment-3
  13. Please send it to me before Wednesday night of Week 2. Thanks!

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