Reproducible Research Course by Eric C. Anderson for (NOAA/SWFSC)

Assignment 2

Do This Before the Thursday class of Week 1

There is nothing to turn in for this assignment. But I want everyone to do the following:

  1. Open up the project1 project we made in class, or just open up RStudio.
  2. In the RStudio menu, choose, File -> New File -> R Markdown ...
    • Note: You might be asked by Rstudio to install new packages. If so, reply “Yes” and let RStudio install those new packages.
  3. Then you should be asked to choose the Default Output Format. Go ahead and select HTML.
    • Note: If you are not asked to do this it is likely because you have an older version of rmarkdown and you might have a change to the default CRAN repository set up in an .Rprofile file somewhere. This might be the case if you have used R for some time (and hence will know what I am talking about when I say .Rprofile). I had to trash a few lines in my .Rprofile
  4. Then save that file. Change its name from Untitled.rmd to first.rmd
  5. Find and click the knit HTML button near the top left of the screen.

That should give you a nice web document with a plot, etc.

Now, in RStudio, go to the Help menu (the help menu at the Top of the Screen, that is, not the help window in the lower right pane of RStudio) and choose Markdown Quick Reference and read it.

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